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Anybody still doesn't know what Travian is? Wow, it's amazing. Travian is an online multi-player strategy game. We gain our resources, build infantries, troops, do expansion to our village, have a clan, and war! This game concept is so simple we just build and wait them until be well-done. It needs time as well. No wonder why Travian take some times to be ended for each server. Each server needs approximately eight months to be done. It means there's only a player and a clan who can beat others.

Here, I'll show a few info about Travian. Check this out.

Your village
Firstly, your village will be the left one and after some times, you build it and you'll find it like the right one.

This is your resource field. The yellow one is crop, the green one is lumber, the red one is clay and the blue one is iron. Each building or troop need different type of resource.

This is your neighbour you can declare a war or may be a friend of you. There are some oasis too there, we'll discuss about oasis later.

Control Panel
This is control panel located above your browser. I will explain what they are one by one.
1. Resource
2. Village
3. Map
4. Statistics
5. Report
6. Message

For now, that's all I can share with you. I'll add some in my next post about Travian.

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